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  • Mikko Vesterinen

People make up the Union

Elections of the European Parliament will take place in May. Unfortunately, only a few have the understanding of the importance of voting. The European Parliament seems distant and difficult to understand, although there are making a number of important decisions. For example the European Parliament makes more and more high politics decisions among the other things security and defense policy. This was evident, for example, in the Crimean Crisis. Why people do not care the elections then? Is the reason democratic deficit or lack of confidence in the European institutions? The European Union was originally founded to protect peace in European. This process has developed over time but always the polite elite has been in the leader role. It can be said that democratic deficit has enabled the deepening of the integration. However, this has become a problem in the current individual world, where people are aware of their justice and want to participate in the policy-making. This explains a large number of the civil society movements. Because of this the European parliament needs change to take better attention to the citizens. One solution to the problem is to inform people better. At the moment there are only a few permanent media representative of Finland in the European Parliament. Furthermore the Member of the European Parliament has to make more press conferences about their work in the European Parliament. The more people are aware of the European Union, the more willing they are to participate. One objective of the European Union is territorial development and cooperation. That is why it is very important to make low-threshold events and organizations. One has to remember also that people have the right and possibility to tell their opinions in other ways than in elections. Low-threshold organizations the most important job is create all kind of events where people can join together and speak important issues for them. It helps the area to develop and gives to the people the chance to effect on their environment. The European Union has a bright future only if the people of the Europe are involved in decision-making and works together to better Europe. Published in Rönsy during the European Parliament elections 2014

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