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  • Mikko Vesterinen

Why is the rum gone?

Alcohol raises different kinds of emotions and every country has its own ways to handle it. It is enjoyed when eating and socialize with people. It can be said that the alcohol has formed its own culture. Thus, alcohol is blamed about a lot of different problems including for example social exclusion and diseases. In the early 1900 many country decided to ban alcohol permanently but it was failed because of the popularity of alcohol. How to find balance between the use of alcohol? There was a scandal last week in Finland when Regional State Administrative Agencies of Finland banned to use the whiskey word in a given place. Although the case was only directed to the specific event, this notification about the ban spilled on social media when people though that public officers want to limit a discussion about the alcohol. This case is a good example about that how big emotions conversation about alcohol raises in humans. Decision-makers are however worried about the people`s use of alcohol because heavy drinking is expensive for the state. On the other hand the state can`t get involved with people`s drinking habits because it`s their personal subject. This has led to that the government is limited about alcohol advertising. This seems like that when we don`t speak about this subject the problem will disappear. Unfortunately the problems of alcohol won`t disappear only to be quiet. If government really wants to solve the problems of heavy drinking, you need to go much deeper. The only way to affect is preventive work. Peer support is very good way to meet people and most important to get assist to put ending the drinking. These things aren`t new things but has been successful. It is important to understand that problems won`t disappear only sweeping them under the bed. We have to face them and understand the reasons why this is happening. This is the only way how we can change people`s  attitude to alcohol.

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